LEGIT Making Money as Blog or Forum Owner


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Sep 22, 2019
Hi all,

Ways to earn money from your own forum and blog. You should use these procedures to make money using a forum: This are some of the best ways to make income as a forum owner or admin.

Pay to see some topic content - You makes it possible for users to start to see the titles of the topics that users have posted, but only permit them to view this content and sign up for the conversation in specific groups or the complete forum if indeed they have paid an one-time or repeating subscription fee.

Pay to download - You may need users to pay out a one-period or recurring membership fee so they can have the ability to download and read documents or images from particular categories or the whole forum.

Events - Use your discussion board to bring like-minded people together.

Donations from users - You might be able to make a good amount of money by asking your blog or forum users to donate less than $1 each.

Affiliate Programs - As the forum owner, you certainly seen as a trusted person in your niche, so you can recommend services and products as an affiliate marketer to these potential customers on your forum/blog or through uncommon and well-planned email messages.

Sponsors - You are able to contact others in your industry which may be thinking about sponsoring your forum for a charge. In exchange you could promote their product or services and place their business logos in prominent section of your forum.

E-commerce - Sell things to forum users.

Advertisement - add adverts, such as Google Ad sense, on your own rss feed or forum feed to generate income from your traffic. Some ad platforms can get you $2.00 CPM (per 1,000 web page views) or even more.

Access Fee- You can require that users pay a regular regular membership fee for usage of the discussion board or specific categories. This is often an one time charge or a repeating subscription fee.


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Mar 20, 2020
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