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Sep 22, 2019

offers rewards to members for some activities.

What are Credits?

Credits are the official virtual currency rewarded on for being helpful and 1000 Points = $1 USD.

Ways to Earn Points?
  • Earn between 5-20 every day for your activity.
  • Earn 50 Points per new thread
  • Earn 20 Points per new reply
  • Lock tutorials, people must pay Credits for access
  • Participate in raffles to win Credits
  • Complete jobs and deals from Marketplace that pays in Credits
  • Earn 20 Points when someone else reacted to your content.
  • Earn 100 Points for uploading a new Resource .
  • More ways to earn coming soon
Basically, it's all about the quantity but if the quality is poor you'll be banned. (n)

Can I buy Coins?

Yes, you may use function for this. We accept only PayPal.

How can I cashout?
Payments are made guaranteed via PayPal on 25th of each month.
(old active members can cashout in less than 24h)
Step by step on how can you cashout guide .

Can I transfer Coins to other members?
Yes! You may use the Donate function for this.

Why sometimes when I log in my balance is lower?
If your new thread or reply is deleted you lose Coins too.

Why my new thread or reply was deleted?
1. Duplicate threads are deleted (before posting a new thread please search it on the forum)
2. Copy/paste contents from other sites are deleted.

Why my account was banned?
We've detected you copy/paste content from other sites.

How many accounts can I have?
You are allowed to have one account per household.

Can I lose my Coins for inactivity?
If you don't log in at least once per month your balance will RESET to ZERO.

*Some tasks may need to be approved by admin.
*Getting a warning will decrease your Credits balance by 50!
*It is member duty to check this page from time to time for possible updates to maintain community health.
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Mar 20, 2020
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