Introduction Guidelines


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Sep 22, 2019
When posting an Introduction in the forum, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines

  1. Please start a new thread rather than replying to an existing thread.
  2. The purpose of your Introduction, by definition, is to introduce yourself.With that in mind, your introduction should include the following
    1. Your real name or your username. You can include both your first and last name if you wish, but your last name is not necessary.
    2. Where you are from. You can include just your country if you wish, but can also include the city and state, or just the state.
    3. What you do for a living, and/or your field of study in school, if applicable. For example, you can say "I am a college freshman majoring in accounting", or "I am the owner of a plumbing supply company", or " I am a sales rep for XYZ company".
    4. Optionally, you can also include any additional information that will help members get to know you as a person, rather than just words on a screen.
    5. Also, if you wish, you can include what brought you here, but must be specific(see #2 below).
The following are items that you should not include in your introduction:
  1. When mentioning what you do for a living, do not mention the domain name of your website, or link to your company website.
  2. Do not post introductions that say simply "I am new here", "I am a newbie", "I am here to learn new things", or similar comments.
  3. Do not tell us to welcome you, and don't welcome us(yes, that has happened). You will most likely be welcomed by at least one staff member, and any other forum members who wish to do so. Welcoming us is not necessary since most of us have been here for some time. Also, please do not welcome people who have joined before you. Since they are already here, there is no valid reason to do so.
  4. If you are joining as a representative of your company, rather than as an individual, do not advertise or promote your business, or solicit business for your company.
Thanks, and I hope your stay here will be a long and enjoyable one.

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