How to MAKE $1,500/Month with ADULT TUBE WEBSITES


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Sep 22, 2019
n this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create an adult tube website from scratch.
I will give YOU the best tips and guide you further if you request help down below.

Obviously, you will need not one but around 7-10 adult tube sites to generate $1,500 per month pure profit.

This is not a fast way to make money online, if you think working 1 hour per day for a week or 2 and you already start making a lot of money from this method you wrong. STOP READING!

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For those serious people keep reading... after hard work the $$$ will start coming day by day... month after month.

Creating the Tube Site and Generating PASSIVE REVENUE

  • 1st step get the - try to cover a single niche because multi niche sites such as redTub*, PornHu* is way to hard to rank if not impossible nowadays, I'm not going more into the details but you know adult niches, blo*job, ana*, asian and so on... try to narrow even more your niche and be very specific so the people will know what kind of stuff your website is targeted.

  • 2nd step get the - because you just starting out you will be fine with a cheap shared hosting from Hostgator, later when traffic increases you can afford upgrading to a VPS and if necessary even later you can get a dedicated server.

  • 3rd step install WordPress - Yes a simple WordPress site, no fancy scripts, we don't need here to create a webcam site, we just want Google traffic to generate money, there's plenty of adult WordPress themes, take your time and decide if you go with a premium one or not(if you short on the budget for this project a free theme will do its job after that you can upgrade to a premium theme), and of course install most important plugins for SEO, YOAST is good, and very important W3 Total cache plugin for fast loading.

  • 4th step install GA and add site to GW - GA = Google Analytics, it's a free tool that gives you tremendous insight of what's happening on your site, do you have traffic, where is coming from and where is going, GW = , it's for submitting your website to Google search engine and they will index your site content, here you can see keywords that are ranking and brings you traffic and lot more.

  • 5th step start posting videos - basically, you will embed adult videos from popular tube sites such as Redtub*, XVIDEO*, PORNHU*and so on, here pay very much attention, you will have to SEO every post, always include keyword in the title, H1 and bold text and image alt tag. It's a tedious work but that's how it works. If you don't optimize images and description you will never receive search engine traffic.

  • 6th step off-site optimization - you must build high-quality adult backlinks, if you do and no adult backlinks you will not make any money, no matter how small your niche is, you'll never rank enough to generate cash on a daily basis.

  • 7th step ways to make money - now since the traffic is coming, your best bet is to put pop ads and pop-unders, also display CPC ads such as JuicyAds, Plugrush, you will find many , you can also try CPA networks that have adult offers, some may pay even $5 per webcam lead, you'll have plenty of time testing and stick with what works for your traffic.
What's the best adult ?

The best affiliate network is called... CrakRevenue, they have pay per lead and pay per sale offers, both desktop and mobile for most countries. I highly recommend join this affiliate network and grab their offers to monetize your adult traffic. 👍

Just select the type of traffic you have, add a traffic source (it will come in handy analyzing your stats) and COPY/PASTE the link on your website. Anyone clicking that link will be redirected to the most converting offer for that country.

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Method 2: The Adult Survey Generator Tool
Ever seen those adult surveys asking your gender first, after that asking your interest in dating girls and so on... You can design the adult survey the way you want and choose what kind of offers to display at the end of the survey to make money.

Method 3: Search The Exact Adult Offer
You know your site better and you know what's working, you can search hundreds of adult offers based on vertical, payout type, the niche, the country and so on and promote it directly on your site.

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This is the tutorial, welcome to adult webmaster world, I hope you like it and found very useful information.
If you have any questions you can reply below, I'll do my best to explain better. Your welcome!