Coins to PayPal! Get paid for your activity!


Staff member
Sep 22, 2019
Hi All,

Below you can find out how to get paid for your Coins. How to make Coins? Find out !

All Coins you earn for being active can be REDEEM for real cash when you reach the minimum cashout of $1.

NOTE* - to request cashout you must have at least 100 messages posted.

Note** - 1000 Coins = $1 USD.

Ways to Redeem:
PayPal - $1 minimum

To make it easier for you from now on you must do the following steps to request a cash out to your PayPal:

You must be registered for see images attach

You must be registered for see images attach

User Name: there must be "Chris" (YOU DONATE TO ME, I WILL GIVE YOU REAL CASH!)

Amount: the amount of Coins you want to cashout (minimum is 1000 Coins)

Message: there write your PayPal email where I can send you the cash

: click that button to donate me the amount you want to cash out

That's it, now I will receive a notification and I will check your message, I will copy your PayPal and I will send you the amount requested to your PayPal. After that, you can post your payment proof.